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Services We Offer

Our servers establish connection to the user specified host addresses on a desired port, and record the connectivity status of that address. PingTool provides several different monitoring techniques which can fit various business and personal purposes. The techniques include ICMP Ping, Open Port Monitoring, and Web Discovery, each having configurable options and timeouts.

When our server detects that any of your addresses become unresponsive/unreachable, notifications are sent to the contacts assigned to those address. We believe that such server communication problems are extremely important, thus to ensure that such notifications are received, we provide three different methods of delivery with an optional repeat cycles:


An e-mail message, stating that a connection to a particular address could no longer be established, is sent to the e-mail addresses of your choosing. The host name, port, and friendly name are included in the message. E-mails are sent immediately once an address is determined to be unreachable.

SMS (Text Message)

An SMS is sent to cell phone numbers of your contacts. As SMS are size limited the message only contains host name and port and states that the address is unresponsive. SMS are also sent immediately upon detection of an unreachable host, unless the voice notification phone number is the same as SMS number (in which case a voice call is made prior to SMS).


Our server can place a call to your contacts' phone numbers and verbally inform them about a server unresponsiveness. Voice calls also include the host address and the port on which it is being monitored.

Online Notifications

When the monitored host comes back online, "Connection restored notifications" are sent to everyone who previously received an "unreachable host notification". Notification about restored connections are delivered using the same method as "unreachable host notification". So for example if you chose to receive notification via SMS, then both unreachable host and connection restored notifications will be sent to you via SMS.

Service highlights:

  • Our users may freely choose which contact methods to use and create multiple destinations where the notifications will be sent. This means that disturbances in the connection will be notices much faster since notifications would be sent to multiple locations.
  • Web Discovery feature allows you to monitor not just the server but also a specific web page for proper status response. Successful page load returns status "200 OK", if any other status is returned, notifications are sent about the unreachable page.


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